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Our Aim

To provide our customers with an outstanding finished product, value for money and great customer service.

Asphalt Concepts Pty Ltd has been in operation since 2004 with key personnel having over 25 years asphalting experience and knowledge of the industry. We are a family orientated asphalting business that strives for excellence in every asphalt driveway project we do.

We cater for the private, commercial and industrial sectors including driveways, road repairs, bitumen repairs, asphalt repairs, commercial and council car parks, sporting courts and pothole repairs.

Most of our work comes from repeat clients whom are extremely satisfied with our work and know that we will always ensure we meet their best interests.

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“Your team did a great job and the finished results were worth the wait”. ~ Doug, Mt Crosby Qld


Why should I choose asphalt driveways?

Asphalt driveways and paths are a valuable, durable and functional asset. They are attractive, versatile and extremely easy to maintain and repair.

An Asphalt driveway can also be paired with brick, timber or concrete edging to give shape form and colour. Asphalt can be shaped to follow natural curves of the landscape, accentuating your existing gardens and lawns, adding value to your property.

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Can my Bitumen driveway be resurfaced?

Asphalt Concepts estimator will firstly assess for free the condition and strength of your existing asphalt to ensure that a new surface can be laid.

We will assess any drainage issues or damage caused from nearby tree roots. Choosing an asphalt driveway from the start can also mean more cost effective repairs/resurfacing and can be done with very little interruption.

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Do you repair Asphalt and Bitumen driveways?

Yes, depending on the extent of damage, wear and tear and/or cracking, we can repair, fix or apply new asphalt to suit.

At Asphalt Concepts, we provide a FREE ASSESSMENT and can provide recommendations and a quote to best suit your circumstances. We have a professional Asphalt Driveways Estimated that comes to your property.


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We work in all areas from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast including Brisbane City and Redland City.

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