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Asphalt Care

Like all surfaces, that are subjected to weather conditions as well as wear and tear, asphalt care is paramount to ensure your investment and your newly laid asphalt are both protected and remain in prime condition. 

Once your new asphalt driveway, path or car park etc. is laid it will require a degree of care and maintenance, both when it’s new, and over its lifetime. Like the rest of the improvements on your property, the better care you give to your asphalted area, the longer it will last.

Free Asphalt Care Download

Asphalt Concepts provides it clients with an Asphalt Care information sheet for your car parks and driveways throughout Brisbane and beyond. This is full of helpful hints to keep your asphalted areas in optimal condition for years to come.

This info sheet includes information about:

  • The first crucial 14 days of care
  • The 90-120 Day Curing Period
  • Prevent Oil & Gasoline Spills; and
  • Attending to Movement Cracks 

We will email you a copy of this after completion of your asphalt work or you can access a copy here.

Asphalt Care Warranty

Asphalt Concepts also have contracts that offer our customers a warranty (Some companies will say they have a warranty but will not provide one in writing or it is a piece of paper typed out on their computer). Asphalt Concepts contracts are professionally laid out by lawyers, whom deal in the construction industry and offer protection and peace of mind for our customers. We always welcome questions from our customers and encourage you to contact us if needed, we strongly believe in great customer service and meeting customer needs every time.

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