Spray Seal Driveways

Asphalt driveway sealing is the preferred treatment in urban areas, on heavily trafficked areas and roads, and areas of high traffic stresses. Spray seal driveways is the surfacing treatment commonly used in rural areas, and is the most economic type of surfacing for the rural areas.

The main type of sprayed seal is a single layer of binder covered with a single layer of aggregate (single/single seal) used on both new and resurfacing work. On new work the pavement material is locally available gravel. The success of sprayed seals as a surfacing requires care in choosing an appropriate treatment for the conditions, a high standard of preparation of pavements and attention to detail. Contact us today to learn more about our spray sealing services!

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Spray seal is a rougher surface that is formed by spraying a layer of hot liquid bitumen and then covering the liquid layer with a layer of aggregate (the size of the stone varies according to the usage of the surface). A bitumen spray seal is usually a two-coat system. Liquid bitumen is sprayed onto a prepared road base surface; a 14mm aggregate is spread in a uniform layer and rolled with a rubber tyred roller. A second coat of bitumen is sprayed, followed by a layer of 7mm aggregate (which fills the voids between the aggregate of the previous coat) and then rolled. The surface texture of a spray seal is coarse with an amount of excess (or loose) stone on the surface. This is usually left and will bed in over time. For lighter use applications or rejuvenation of an older surface, a single coat spray seal may be suitable.

To successfully select and design a sprayed seal requires a mix of engineering and ‘practical know-how’. You can be rest assured, Asphalt Concepts Pty Ltd can provide this service to you.