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Concrete Services

While our main focus is on delivering high quality asphalt services and solutions, in 2017, we introduced a range of complimentary concrete services to best cater to our expanding clientele.

Our concrete services include:

New Concrete Projects

The main distinction between concrete and asphalt is; concrete is structural and rigid where asphalt is is not structural and has better wearing properties. Where possible, we recommend asphalt for new driveways, car parks and paths, however, some work-site conditions make concrete a better choice.

Our professional estimator can provided guidance on what material will work best for your project to ensure a timely, affordable and long-lasting outcome.

Concrete Services Brisbane

Concrete Repairs

Not all concrete needs replacement! Often, when carrying out asphalt driveway installations or other asphalt projects, surrounding concrete paths or steps needs cutting or some other modification. 

We offer customers the choice of aggregate (stone) and color to best-match any new concrete with an existing pour. We can cut, repair or resurface existing concrete to ensure a quality finished product.

Asphalt and Concrete – Combined

There is an increasing demand for asphalt to be overlaid over concrete. Applications include driveways, predominately for aesthetics, and roads, to reduce noise.

A prime example of the marriage between asphalt and concrete is the Gold Coast highway. Originally constructed out of concrete, the highway has since been overlaid with asphalt to reduce concrete join noise.

Concrete Repairs Brisbane

Give us a call and take advantage of our FREE on-site inspection service. We\’ll work with you to ensure a professional and effective outcome.