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Driveway Repairs Brisbane

Asphalt driveways are a beautiful and practical way to have a “stand out” driveway on your property. Your guests and family love the look and feel of driving on this solid road. However, now you are starting to have deterioration and damage show up. Do you need driveway repairs Brisbane? How do you know you need those driveway repairs? Here is a quick cheat sheet on the damage that may cause you to call an Asphalt expert.

Types of Asphalt Damage

  1. Cracking – Cracking in your asphalt driveway can be identified by it’s marble-like appearances and instances of gray colouring. It may look like scales on a fish which expose the based of your driveway to water. This causes the asphalt to deteriorate quickly, resulting in your asphalt rising and popping out of place.
  1. Potholes – As previously mentioned, cracks allow water into your asphalts core and shifts it around. When driven on or rain in, it can cause the asphalt to move completely away. This leaves you with holes that form small at first and growing over time. The more exposure, the more the water can displace the asphalt.
  1. Upheaval – This can be caused by tree roots and other elements infiltrating the driveway’s base and lifting it up. This in itself causes cracking and exposure which decreases the overall integrity of the asphalt, causing major issues. They also create unwanted bumps that catch under your tyres, causing it to shift and move in the asphalt.
  2. Sink holes – These can be caused when the ground under the asphalt is unable to take the pressure placed on it from the driveway. It gives way in a similar fashion to pot holes, but will cause the asphalt to sink downwards. The asphalt then creates a place where water forms, deteriorating the asphalt in that area very rapidly.

The Asphalt Driveway Repairs Brisbane Experts

Driveway Repairs Brisbane Driveway Repairs Gold Coast

All of these issues can start small but cause major deformation to the driveway. However, whatever the stage the problem is at, you can have the driveway repairs Brisbane experts at Asphalt Concept have a look and see what they can do for you.


Contact Asphalt Concepts to get a free quote on your asphalt driveway repairs and have your driveway back to the way you want it.

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Construction Process of Laying An Asphalt Driveway Brisbane

It is essential for all asphalt and paving jobs that you have discussed your needs with our estimator. Once this is finalised and a written quote is accepted Asphalt Concepts estimator will schedule a date with you to commence works. Asphalt Concepts estimator will liaise with our management and job supervisors about all aspects of the project so they know exactly what is required from them to complete the job to your expectations. Our supervisor will introduce themselves on the day and have a discussion with you as to what the process entails. We invite any questions on the day and are more than happy to explain any procedures. In some cases we may bring our Traffic Control division to your job to ensure the safety of your neighbours and any visitors to your street.

The following is a guide only as each job is unique and requires professional assessment by our estimator

  • Any tree roots, stumps or other invasive shrubbery removed. This is usually conducted in the days leading up to the project start date.

  • Vegetation and top soil excavated to the shape of your new driveway design.
  • Site excavated to the required depth, ensuring all soft and unsuitable materials are removed (muddy clays). Drains placed if required.
  • Sub-base gravel materials placed and compacted any, Asphalt Concepts Pty Ltd usually like to use 150mm-200mm of sub base materials (other companies usually use 100mm) to ensure that you have the best possible foundation for your asphalt top. The sub base is compacted using a ride on vibratory roller or a pedestrian roller (where the operator walks behind the roller) these machines compact a moistened sub base to form a hard stable surface for the asphalt, if you have a quite soft ground it may be suggested that you cement stabilise ( this is the process of adding cement to the sub base to create a stronger platform for your asphalt). Once the sub base has been compacted it will have a smooth flat appearance. In some cases if the site is particularly prone to weeds we will treat the sub base with a weed control.
  • Emulsion is then sprayed to the area to provide a strong bond for the asphalt (think of it like glue)
  • Hot mix asphalt is then placed and compacted. Asphalt Concepts will use 25mm to 30mm (after compaction) of asphalt on your average domestic driveway.

After Care Service

Asphalt concepts will provide you with an aftercare sheet for your driveways Brisbane. This is full of helpful hints to keep your driveway or path in optimal condition for years to come. We will email you a copy of this after completion of your asphalt work or you can access a copy here. Asphalt Concepts also have contracts that offer our customers a warranty (Some companies will say they have a warranty but will not provide one in writing or it is a piece of paper typed out on their computer). Asphalt Concepts Contracts are professionally designed by lawyers whom deal in the construction industry and offer protection and peace of mind for our customers.  We always welcome questions from our customers and encourage you to contact us if needed, we strongly believe in great customer service and meeting customer needs every time. 

Contact Asphalt Concepts for all of your Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Brisbane Asphalt Driveways needs.